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Girls who reject you but try and spare your feelings be like.




"you’re a nice guy, you deserve someone who feels the same way"


 "I can’t force myself to feel a certain way about someone" image

"I just wanna focus on myself"


Yall sweet though but sometimes I gotta hear a flat out “no”

Except when a flat out “no” gets the girl fucking murdered. Maybe there’s a reason why we have to say this shit.








lets play a game called ‘find a shade that would suitably match an African American or any person of any color different than white’. Very tired of white washing.

while there’s obviously a couple of shades for POC up here. there’s so so so so much whiteness. no one needs to wear make-up but anyone who wants to should have the option.

And even those that would work for POC are still on the light end.

Another thing I’ve noticed, which might be a microaggression, is that a lot of the darker skintones have food related names. The lighter shades will be stuff like beige, ivory, and nude (don’t get me started on the word nude), but the darker shades will be honey, chocolate, cocoa, caramel, etc. 

If I wanted a caramel machiatto, I’d have just gone to Starbucks.

Sorry but I lol’ed, and you are very correct. Our shades usually have some sort of food attached to them, its annoying. They can take the time to find all these different names for beige but they can’t come up with a few names for brown?! Like maybe sienna, sepia, mahogany, bronze, sable…we come in a variety of brown shades and there are many ways to describe our skin tone without calling us chocolate or cafe au lait. 


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